Team in Ghana

Although there are many Ghanaians involved on the ground in Ghana, here are the main people we work with directly.


Osmond was born in James Town, a slum area of Accra.  His mother was Christian and his father Muslim and because of that they were not allowed to marry. Osmond’s mother brought him up until the age of 7 when he went to live with his father.  He was not an easy child, often being moved from wife to wife.  He became a well respected Muslim cleric and read the Bible from cover to cover twice a year so that he could use his knowledge to convert people from Christianity to Islam.  


One day he was praying in the Mosque and he saw two angels in white robes one with a sword and one with a book ascending and descending. He fell into a trance and the leaders in the mosque told him that his vision was form the devil. Osmond told his mother about his vision and she told him that it was from God and the book that was being carried was the Bible. Shortly after that, Osmond was secretly attending the watch service on new years evening with his mum in her Pentecostal church when he was called out to the front and he gave his life to Jesus. Times of persecution followed when he was in fear of his life.  


He met Naomi who became his wife – they began their married life living with his mum in James Town and had just one child – Rosemond. Pastor Osmond founded an NGO Rescue Aid Mission and he continues to this day as CEO with several churches and schools under his wing.