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Team in Ghana

Although there are many Ghanaians involved on the ground in Ghana, here are the main people we work with directly.

Pastor Osmond

Osmond was born in James Town, a slum area of Accra.  His mother was Christian and his father Muslim and because of that they were not allowed to marry. Osmond’s mother brought him up until the age of 7 when he went to live with his father.  He was not an easy child, often being moved from wife to wife.  He became a well respected Muslim cleric and read the Bible from cover to cover twice a year so that he could use his knowledge to convert people from Christianity to Islam.  

Whilst praying in the Mosque, Osmond saw a vision of two angels in white robes one with a sword and one with a book. Osmond told his mother about his vision and she told him that it was from God and the book that was being carried was the Bible. Osmond was secretly attending the watch service on New Years Evening with his mum in her Pentecostal church when he was called out to the front and he gave his life to Jesus. Times of persecution followed when he was in fear of his life.  


He met Naomi who became his wife – they began their married life living with his mum in James Town and had just one child – Rosemond. Pastor Osmond founded an NGO Rescue Aid Mission and he continues to this day as CEO with several churches and schools under his wing.



Rosemond is Osmond and Naomi’s daughter. She grew up in James Town sharing her home with many other children who her mum and dad had rescued from the streets.  When the Home of Hope opened she moved with them all and for the first time ever had her own bed and room – she had been used to sleeping on the floor alongside others and it took some time for her to adapt to the new living arrangements sharing her bed with others. She was sponsored throughout her education and even through to university where she graduated with a psychology degree.  She met Gladstone at University and they married in 2006.  Rosemond furthered her education by studying for a Masters in Public Health in the UK and is now living and working here. Rosemond is in constant contact with her team in Ghana to ensure the smooth running of the project. Technology allows this to happen very effectively.

Pastor Gladstone


Gladstone is Rosemond’s husband. He was brought up by his uncle after his parents died. He had to share accommodation with others at University as his family could barely afford the fees never mind his food and accommodation. He met Rosemond and fell in love with her at a Christian youth camp. As he got to know her, he noticed that she had a photo album and flicking through it one day saw photos of her in England. He was horrified thinking that she must be a daughter of a rich family and very aware that he could not offer anything to her financially. He kept away from her. When Rosemond, heartbroken, found out why he had stayed away she was able to reassure him about the life her mother and father led living in a children’s home, pastoring churches and reliant on support from the UK.  They married in 2006. Gladstone has lead and grown a very successful church close to Diamond Hill School and has managed the 

sponsorship programme for us in Ghana. Gladstone is currently living and working in the UK but remains in close contact with his church in Ghana.


Pastor Abraham

When Osmond was in James Town he started a group in his church called the Faithful And Youthful Evangelical  Fellowship (FAYEF). Abraham himself an orphan was a founder member. He and his wife Martha were the original houseparents at the Home of Hope sharing that role with Osmond and Naomi and when the school opened Abraham was the first teacher and headteacher. He now has five children of his own and lives a little distance from the school. He is the academic lead at Diamond Hill School and teaches ICT and music to the children. He is also a pastor and member of the worship band at his church. He and Martha are both highly supportive of the work in Ghana.


Sebastian has many roles. He is a teacher at Diamond Hill School and a worship leader at the church near DHS. Sebastian, his wife Charlotte and their baby have recently moved into the Home of Hope to provide pastoral support as houseparents for children still living there. As Gladstone is in the UK at the moment to support Rosemond, Sebastian has taken on the role of sponsorship coordinator in Ghana. He is in regular contact with Karen Hill (pictured here) who is the sponsorship coordinator in the UK.

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Pastor Pete

Pastor Pete leads one of Osmond’s churches in the village of Honi. He lives about 5 miles from the village with his wife and three children and has a motorbike to get himself to church. He leads several services each week and responds to the great needs of the people in Honi. He faces many challenges and is extremely grateful for the support he has received from New Life Ghana. Here you can see Pete with Steve Cowie from New Life Baptist Church.

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