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The Home of Hope is the name of the children's home funded by New Life Ghana. The children in the Home are those that have been highlighted to Pastor Osmond as needing support. Some have been sleeping on the streets or on the local beach as they had no where else to go. These children are clothed, fed and educated and are given the love and care they need. It is amazing to see the growth in the sponsored children.


Although no new children are being admitted to the HoH, children already being cared for there will stay until they leave school and indeed, many previous residents still come back to stay on weekends and holidays from their Senior High School. Diamond Hill School educates the children up to Junior High School and then the students take exams, the results of which determine which Senior High School they are allocated by the government. This may be close to home or children may need to board. Our Young Person's Development Fund allows Pastor Osmond to support previously sponsored young people through this stage of their education.

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