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Honi is a small, rural village about an hour’s drive from Diamond Hill School. It is a poor farming community and had little means to support itself or improve the life and welfare of its residents. Osmond has supported rural villages throughout his life as a Christian establishing churches and teaching people about Jesus. 

Pastor Osmond has supported a church on Honi for some time. The believers had no building and worshipped outdoors under a shelter. When this shelter was destroyed by a storm, donations were given and a new church building constructed. This has now become a community base run by Pastor Pete who leads the church. Pastor Osmond is in regular contact with Pastor Pete and the community in Honi so that New Life Ghana are able to be informed of the progress of the projects there and any current needs.

Following a team visit to Honi, a vision for building on the small self-sustaining enterprises that Osmond had initiated there was birthed. This included starting up a small bakery and building community toilet facilities. They have also collected sufficient funds to have a bread oven made, a bakery shelter built and training for people to learn to bake bread and other products and manage the project.

Now, teachers from Diamond Hill have started helping teachers in Honi government school. If the children cannot afford to buy school books and uniform, they cannot attend school. We often use money from our Christmas appeal to buy school uniform and books for the children of Honi village.

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