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New Life Ghana supports the work of Pastor Osmond Osei Owusu and Pastor Gladstone in a rural area of Ghana west of the capital Accra. Pastor Osmond grew up in Jamestown, one of the poorest areas of Accra, and has devoted his life to caring for the most vulnerable children and families in this area of Ghana. The New Life Ghana project funds a children’s home and school and supports self-sustaining enterprises to provide for the people of a rural village called Honi.


We do not run the projects in Ghana, we provide the resources for our friends in Ghana to help people there in the best way for the changing needs in their communities. We have close relationships with our friends and partners in Ghana. Teams of volunteers visit often to give practical support, share expertise, build relationships and inform our decision making. 

Although the main focus of our support is Diamond Hill School, The Home of Hope and Honi Village, we are also involved in mini projects closely related to the needs of the pupils and communities. For example we have run appeals to raise money to buy health cards which allow people to receive basic but essential healthcare and to create a borehole so water is available for children at school and the Home of Hope. Keeping the school buses and Osmond's car well maintained and on the road is another priority. 

Sometimes team members identify a need that they have the skills and resources to meet such as team member Irene Marwood who led an initiative to teach student how to make reusable sanitary pads for themselves and their families which was a great success. During the pandemic, the priority was providing funds to allow Diamond Hill School teachers to be paid so they could feed their families and also sending money so Osmond can buy and distribute food to families who were unable to work due to lockdown restrictions. 

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