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Visit Team

We have close relationships with our friends and partners in Ghana. Teams of volunteers visit often to give practical support, share expertise, build relationships and inform our decision making. 

What is the purpose of team visits?

For every visit there are core purposes that never change:

  • To see the work in Ghana at first hand

  • To experience Ghanaian culture

  • To help Osmond and his team in whatever way they have suggested in advance of the visit

  • To glimpse something of what it is to be a Christian in Ghana


What do visit teams do?

This depends on two things:

  • What the Ghanaians have asked us to do

  • What skills, strengths, interests the team have


Some of the things that people have done in the past include:

  • Painting the buildings and classrooms

  • Helping produce and put up displays

  • Working with teachers/small groups of children on specific activities

  • Observing a typical day at Diamond Hill School

  • Visiting the people of Honi to share food and clothing

  • Taking staff out for a fun day at the beach, taking children to the beach

  • Playing with children at the Home of Hope

  • Praying with people and preaching in the church.


Nobody is asked to do anything that they would be uncomfortable doing or feel unqualified to do.

What are the logistics of team visits?

Usually teams fly out of the Uk in the early morning and arrive in Accra in the early evening. Accommodation is provided in a local hotel. Transport is provided to and from the school by Pastor Osmond with team members contributing to the cost. The team visits are usually around 7-10 days in length and cost between £800 - £1000 depending on the cost of flights.

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