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Our Projects

New Life Ghana is a charitable project committed to the physical and spiritual welfare of children in Ghana. Click on the links below to explore the different aspects of our project.

Supporting those in Ghana

We provide the resources for our friends in Ghana to help people there in the best way for the changing needs in their communities whether this is related to health, education or physical welfare.

smiling man helping children get into a schoolbus

Home of Hope

The Home of  Hope is the name of the children's home funded by New Life Ghana. These children are clothed, fed and educated and are given the love and care they need.

school children having a conversation outside
rows of children in lines on a playground in front of a colourfully painted school

Diamond Hill School

New Life Ghana sponsor the fees of about 100 children who otherwise would not be able to attend school. Their sponsorship pays for uniform, books, daily cooked meal and a health card.

three laughing children walking under a tree next to mud houses

Honi Village

Honi is a small, rural village about an hour’s drive from Diamond Hill School.  We have built upon the self-sustaining enterprises that Osmond initiated such as starting up a small bakery, building community toilet facilities and providing a

pre-school class.

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