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Who are we?

There are many roles within New Life Ghana both in England and in Ghana.

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Team in England

Our team in England is based around the North Yorkshire town of Northallerton. We are a friendly and close knit group of volunteers from all different walks of life.

Team in Ghana

Although there are many Ghanaians involved on the ground in Ghana, there are some main people we work with directly. Osmond, Rosemond, Gladstone and Abraham all have multiple roles in Diamond Hill school and the churches in the area.

a women and a man writing at a desk in a school
smiling child holds up a photo montage and fluffy toy next to a women wearing a red top

NLG Sponsors

Child sponsorship is one of the main ways that New Life Ghana fulfills its purpose. Our sponsors contribute towards the fees of about 100 children who otherwise would not be able to attend school.

NLG Supporters

Although child sponsorship through regular giving is the main focus of our project, we are also supported in a wide range of other ways by people in North Yorkshire and beyond.

a vicar and a women arrange stationery on a table in a church hall
a group photo of volunteers in the sun

Visit Team

The two main team visits to support in the school and home usually happen during February and October, but can happen at other times of the year depending on need. These visits are greatly appreciated by our Ghanaian partners.

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