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Diamond Hill School is the name of the school built on the site of the Home of Hope. It started as Fayef International School to educate those in the Home of Hope but has now grown to educate around 250 children including children of Nursery, Primary and Secondary age. In 2019, the school PTA decided to rebrand the school in line with its higher status in the community so the name was changed to Diamond Hill School. They chose this name because the area is situated on a hill and the concept of a diamond reflected how precious the school is to the community. 

In Ghana, there is a state education system and private education. The state system is not well funded and the schools are not highly regarded therefore there are a lot of ‘private’ schools, ones that parents pay a fee for their children to attend. Diamond Hill School is one of these and many of the pupils pay a fee to attend. New Life Ghana sponsor the fees of about 100 children who otherwise would not be able to attend school. Their sponsorship pays for uniform, books, daily cooked meal and a health card. Some of the sponsored children are those who live in the Home of Hope, others are selected by our partners in Ghana and are children whose families would not otherwise be able to afford for them to come to school. Parents of these children are often working as street sellers and if not in school, the children would simply be hanging around on the streets with their parents. Sponsorship gives them a chance to get an education and break out of the cycle of poverty.


This sponsorship pays for a uniform, books and a daily cooked meal for each sponsored child. It also contributes towards the cost of staff salaries and to the general development of the school. New Life Ghana also support the school by organising teams to visit each year to work in the school and support staff development. New Life Ghana continues to support the sponsored children through High School and on to university or apprenticeship. You can sponsor a child through school through a monthly donation of £20 or contribute to the bursary scheme to support young people through SHS and onwards for £30. It is easy to become a sponsor by clicking on 'Sponsor/Donate Now' on the menu.

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