Team in England

Here is what members of the team based in England have to say about their roles and experiences with New Life Ghana. Check back for more profiles soon.



I lead the New Life Ghana team in the UK. I made my first visit to Ghana in 2009 and visit Ghana at least once a year to catch up with our partners there and often to lead team visits. I liaise with the team in Ghana on a regular basis to encourage each other, to find out how our support is making a difference, to share good news and to pick up on any areas of need - financial, practical or prayer support. 

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My role is to record all regular donation and all gifts from supporters; then every 2 months to liaise with the group leader to agree how much we are able to send out to Ghana.  Information is also sent to the gift aid coordinator to maximise the income through claims to HMRC.


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I am the communications coordinator for New Life Ghana. I send out information and newsletters to all our supporters and monitor the account to make sure messages get to the correct team members and any supporter enquiries are answered. What I love about New Life Ghana is that we support each other in making ideas happen.


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 I am the Church of England Team Rector in the Knaresborough Team Ministry. I visited Ghana with my daughter Annie in the spring of 2018 as part of my Sabbatical. Travelling around with Osmond and Liz we visited the village of Honi: in consultation with the villagers we felt the Lord asking us to support them. As ‘church' we have contributed to the village, especially with their bread making enterprise. We will continue to do so as we are committed to our brothers and sisters and feel deeply honoured and humbled to be able to play a small part in their lives.

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I first heard about New Life Ghana when I was a child in church and decided then it was something I would like to get involved in. I have never visited Ghana but I love helping out with design, social media and the website. 



I have been involved with New Life Ghana since 2009. As a headteacher, I have been particularly interested in the education side of the project but also really enjoy picking up a paintbrush and being practical when I visit. On my last visit, I supported teachers at Diamond Hill School by leading teaching seminars with new resources to support the implementation of the new Ghanaian curriculum. Back in England, I chair our New Life Ghana team meetings.