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Often videos and photographs can explain New Life Ghana more successfully than any words. It can be hard to imagine life in Ghana but, through the wonder of digital technology, we now have the opportunity to meet the places and people in a more tangible way than ever before.  


We have a wealth of photos and video clips taken by team members and sent to us by the Ghanaians. These capture all that we see and hear and give our supporters a taste of what it is like in Ghana and also valuable feedback on how money is used to benefit the lives of others. Pete Snowdon produces our video clips for us. He has visited Ghana three times, his very first visit made as the Home of Hope was being built. As well as a farmer, he also has a video company and is a lay preacher for his local group of churches.

You can find links to videos throughout this website or you might want to watch our Sponsorship Stories, Honi Village, Supporting those in Ghana, Diamond Hill School or Team Visit videos now.

a man is filming two teachers in a classroom with a small video camera


We love the opportunity to share our work and experience with others and are grateful for the many varied opportunities we have to do this. A small team of us visit schools, churches, care homes and regularly speak at different organisations such as Womens’ Institute and the Rotary Club. NLG presentations update supporters about the projects in Ghana using a variety of videos, interviews, and short talks. 

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