Ghana is located in West Africa between Burkina Faso, Ivory Coast and Togo. It has a tropical climate and is only a few degrees above the equator. The main location for NLG’s work in Ghana is Bortianor, west of Ghana’s capital city Accra. This is where the Home of Hope and Diamond Hill School are. We also visit Honi, a rural village about an hour’s drive from the school.


New Life Baptist Church met Pastor Osmond in 2000 when he came to Northallerton and shared his vision to build a children’s home and school with us. At that time he and his wife rescued children from the streets in the slum area of James Town offering them a home in their basic ‘hall and chamber’ house; Osmond had started a school and a church also in James Town.  Prior to that in the early 1990s, Osmond was given the address of a man living in North Wales by a British man whose car had broken down while he was travelling and suggested he contact him. This Osmond did by letter in those days. Having heard that the man’s organisation didn’t work in Ghana, Osmond asked again.  He then received a reply to say that they were coming. This was people from the International Gospel Outreach organisation now led by Kingsley Armstrong and his wife Cathy whose father was the man that Osmond had written to.